Visualization of life cycle assessment information could be significantly improved. Visualization of input data, calculation results, and interpretation algorithms helps us understand what we can say, how strongly we can believe it, and where we should prioritize future work.
We invite entries on visualization schemes, graph layouts, and interactive programs.

All forms of visualization are acceptable

Prize fund

The prize fund is €2000, sponsored by the ecoinvent association. Thanks a lot!
  • First place: €1000
  • Second place: €500
  • Third place: €250 (2 awards)


  • Entries must be submitted by 12:00 UTC on January 1, 2023
  • Entries can be from individuals or teams. Teams must nominate one member to receive the prize money.
  • Entries are submitted by creating a new issue in the contest repository with the label entry. Entries must include links to the visualization, the code used to create the visualization, and a video presenting the visualization.
  • Entries must include linked source code with an open license. Entry code licensed using the GPL or AGPL are not eligible for prizes.
  • Entries must be complete software programs which consume one of the example datasets or other LCA/MFA/Industrial Ecology data. Please provide a link if not using the data provided. Installation instructions must be provided if needed.
  • Prizes will be awarded by a committee of ecoinvent association staff, Départ de Sentier members, and graphic design professionals.
  • Monetary prizes can only be awarded to participants in countries reachable via either a SWIFT transaction or via The organizing committee reserves the right to cancel monetary prizes in cases where the award of such prizes would pose legal or reputational risks.