Open Sustainability Event

September 26-30 Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

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Participants will have the opportunity to become members of Départ de Sentier.

What is Brightcon?

Brightcon is an annual conference where the community of the open source framework for LCA Brightway meet. The conference enables interactions between Brightway developers, maintainers, contributors, users and adopters.

Health protection

We all want to do cool things at work and in private life. The basis for this is a good health. Let’s make sure everybody will return home safely after the Brightcon event, and let’s try to reduce the risk for getting into health troubles for anybody.

In case of any cold symptoms during the event, we suggest that you wear an FFP2 mask whenever possible. In addition, you might do a self-test for Covid. Feel free to approach the conference organisers for mask(s) and/or a test. Of course you can also choose to wear a mask without symptoms. We will strive for good air quality in the rooms.

What's new in Brightcon 2022?

The continuous development of Brightcon will focus this year on interactivity, training for newcomers, promoting citizen science and a contest.

Read more on the dedicated page for the novelties.

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Keynote Speakers

Michael Srocka

Lead Software Developer at Greendelta

Keynote: "What I don't like about Brightway"

Bio: Michael Srocka works with GreenDelta since more than 15 years; environmental engineer by education (TU Berlin, 2004) he also holds a degree in practical informatics from Fernuni Hagen. Michael leads the IT development in GreenDelta. He is a highly skilled senior programmer, with a special dedication to Java and databases, and has written most of the parts of the openLCA software.

Aleksandra (Sasha) Kim

PhD Student at Paul Scherrer Institute and ETH Zurich

Keynote: "GSA Framework"

Bio: Aleksandra (Sasha) has been pursuing her doctoral degree since March 2018 in the Technology Assessment Group under the supervision of Dr. Chris Mutel from Paul Scherrer Institute and Prof. Dr. Stefanie Hellweg from ETH Zurich. Her academic interests are uncertainty and global sensitivity analysis (GSA) applied to high-dimensional life cycle assessment models. She is particularly keen on studying robustness and convergence properties of GSA methods, as well as their computational complexity and efficient implementation.

Only in Brightcon

Benjamin W. Portner

LCA Expert at Bauhaus Luftfahrt e.V.

Brightcon is the best place to meet fellow open source LCA enthusiasts and to learn about current developments in LCA software, data and methods.

Brightcon organizers

The hackathon of Brightcon 2021 allowed Valentin Starlinger to write a python package that can be used to import data from openLCA into brightway.

Valentin Starlinger

2.-0 LCA Consultants

It was my first time participating last year and I very much enjoyed it! I met a lot of wonderful people, some of which I am still in regular contact with now. I also got the opportunity to participate in the hackathon, where I helped create a package to import data from openLCA.

Brenda Miranda Xicotencatl

PhD candidate at the Institute of Environmental Sciences of Leiden University (CML)

It was a refreshing immersion in projects enabling research on sustainability. In a short time, I discovered new tools and new ways to use Brightway. This environment opens possibilities for open science and collaboration.

Previous conferences

Slides and videos from previous conferences are available: 2020, 2021.